Footsteps Foward

An Education Bursary

The YWCA Thompson is a feminist organization that strives to make a positive difference by promoting a strong presence of women, improving economic situations for individuals, equipping individuals to make informed choices, and making Thompson a safer community for women and children.

The YWCA Thompson Footsteps Forward Bursary aims to provide financial support to individuals who identify as a women or girl and have a desire to advance their learning. This bursary was formerly known as the Joan Johnston Award – specific to high school students enrolled in post-secondary studies. However, in order to be inclusive of all women and girls the bursary was reviewed and changes were made to reflect the diverse needs of our community. There are now 2 bursaries that can be applied for.



Will assist with expenses for shorter-term training or programs that do not require enrollment into a post-secondary institute.

Deadlines: None, continuous intake



Will assist with expenses related to attending a post-secondary institute. (Can be full or part-time)

Deadlines: June 1st or October 1st

For more information, assistance or a paper
copy of this application contact:

Nina Cordell
Women’s Programs Coordinator
Phone:  204-778-1209
Email:  [email protected]

How to Submit an Application

YWCA Thompson
Attn: Nina Cordell
39 Nickel Rd
Thompson MB
R8N 0Y5


  • Please allow up to 2 months for a response. Enquiries are possible at any time.
  • Bursaries are available for the Thompson region and area.